Asset Managers

The Asset Manager Challenge

Rigid System

Ability to quickly and seamlessly evaluate and add a new asset class or geography

Asset-Level Access

Access to asset-level data, insights, and risk assessments

Mundane Tasks

~80% of time spent manually searching for, consolidating, and analyzing data for reports

Scaling Difficulties

Inability to scale without adding more people

Data Mess

Unstructured, scattered data - impairing ability to translate data into insight and information

The Mercatus Answer

Efficiency and Accuracy through Technology Automation

End-to-End Platform

A full investment lifecycle asset management platform to optimize asset level financial performance

Data-Driven Decisions

Empowers data-driven investment decision-making at all phases of the asset


Centralization of financial, operational and ESG data along with systematized workflows for real-time access and automated reports

Easy Dashboard Builds

Self-service, intuitive dashboards to make changes quickly with no consulting or outside support

Track & Mitigate Risk

Risk mitigation and regulatory compliance with automated controls, alerts, and analysis

One Solution, Unlimited Uses

Legacy thinking is putting investors at risk. Will you be a leader or a laggard in the next decade of private markets growth?
See how a modern technology platform can transform your organization across the business.

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