Portfolio Monitoring

Your Key to Forward-Looking Visibility

One Data Solution, Unlimited Uses

Are you headed towards a data disaster? If you’re relying on legacy technology, consultants, or a myriad of front and back office solutions to achieve your 2020 growth goals, the answer might be yes...  

No More Rear-View Mirror...

Changing regulatory requirements, increased investor demands, growing volumes and complexity of data - all making proactive monitoring of portfolio performance and risk more challenging than ever. And the stakes are high. Mistakes create huge reputational risk.

...Insist on Forward-Looking Visibility

Mercatus knows that past performance is only part of the picture, and only deep, asset-level data will provide the predictive insights to perform scenario planning and sensitive analysis to know what’s coming. Legacy technology stacks won’t get you there. See how a modern data technology platform from Mercatus will set you up for accelerated growth and alpha returns through unprecedented data management and controls, for today and the future.

Key Portfolio Monitoring Problems We Solve:

Operational Efficiency

No more manual errors, data gaps, or disconnected workflows - you’ll be firing on all cylinders with speed, efficiency & scale when Mercatus is your data architecture

Data Integration & Controls

No more wasting time searching for data hidden in excel models, ppt, or emails - all the data you need in a central repository makes proactive analysis fast and easy

Accelerated Investor Reporting

Real-time, automated, data-driven, personalized reports at your fingertips at all times

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